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DENVER (KDVR) — Demonstrators burned American flags outside the Colorado Capitol shortly after President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday.

The protesters started their march at Cheesman Park.

One member carried a communist party flag. One woman was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. 

They headed down Colfax Avenue, with police blocking intersections along the way. Some business owners were caught by surprise.

Angel Garcia said, “I just wonder, ‘Why are they out here marching?’ I don’t got no idea why they are out here.”

The marchers then stood on the steps of Colorado’s Capitol. 

It was the place another group had threatened to hold an armed protest to voice opposition to the inauguration. That protest never materialized.

Instead, these protesters burned several American Flags. 

One protester said they were tired of “discrimination.”

It is unclear who organized the march and protest.

The members cursed both police and government. But many who heard their shouts were a bit confused. 

“This just separates us more. That’s all it does, is separates us more. If everybody comes together and votes for what is right and wrong, you will have a better nation,” said Brian Kirkwood.

One man who tried to show support for police was chased away.

The group then moved to the other side of the Capitol, where yet another protest began.

As of about 6 p.m., groups demonstrating at the Capitol had left.