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DENVER — An RTD working group will meet Tuesday afternoon and could recommend the transportation district increase some fares to help subsidize fares for youth and low-income riders.

The Pass Program working group, made up of RTD staff and community leaders with an interest in transit, has been meeting for the past year.

One plan being discussed would increase fares on the A Line from Union Station to Denver International Airport by $1.50. RTD would then use that money to subsidize fares for youth and low-income riders.

“They’ve looked at different options and understanding that to provide certain services or certain fares, we have to look at maybe taking or adding from something else,” RTD’s Tina Jaquez said.

A regular day pass on the A Line is $9. The group is considering a proposal to RTD to raise that to $10.50.

In another part of the plan, the group would increase the subsidy for riders younger than 20 from a 50 percent discount to 70 percent.

It would also offer a subsidy for low-income riders. They can currently get one from community groups, but the plan would allow them to get discounted tickets from RTD.

If the group recommends a rate increase, RTD staff would study it, then make a recommendation to the board, which would have final say in any rate changes.

Before any rates would be increased, the public would have the chance to comment.

The RTD meeting is open to the public at 1 p.m. Tuesday at 1560 Broadway.