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DENVER (KDVR) — People are still trying to find ways to help troops and allies stuck overseas.

One group in Colorado is helping hundreds of people get to the U.S. safely.

Team America is a group of everyday people using everyday technology to help get allies out of Afghanistan.

While the work has not been easy, group leaders say it has been worth it.

Joe Saboe is a veteran who works in education in Denver. He said a call from his brother asking for help get his translator away from harm opened the door for an opportunity to help others.

“My brother had been a USAID worker and he lives in Arizona. So we started to work on how can we get this one guy and our family out. So we started collaborating with a few of my friends who might also have person or two they were trying to get out, and it kind of snowballed,” Saboe said.

He said hundreds of emails requesting for help started coming after that. He and his brother decided they would need more hands on deck.

“My brother and I two weeks ago started referring to this as a digital Dunkirk, referring to the operation by British fisherman to rescue their army during WWII from annihilation. So we sent American civilians digitally to try to rescue all these people,” Saboe said.

Around 200 American volunteers have joined them, helping expedite the process for people trying to get out of Afghanistan.

“At last count the other day, we were in communication with 1,500 Afghans on the ground, and we had already gotten 220 people out of the country,” Saboe said.

While Saboe knows he can’t help everyone, he is grateful he was able to get as many people out as he could before today’s attack.

“The average American and average Coloradan does really care about this. It is not just about veterans trying to get a special buddy home who was an interpreter. It’s about our obligation in the world,” Saboe said.

The group said time is running out for evacuations. They are starting look into helping with resettlement and fundraising to help refugees once they get here.

If you know someone who needs help evacuating or would like to volunteer with the group, email