GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (KDVR) — The Greenwood Village City Council will consider an ordinance that will prohibit commercial sales of firearms from residential areas.

The first reading of the proposed change to the municipal code will take place on Monday night.

According to a staff report from the Greenwood Village City Attorney, a study session was held on March 21 to discuss a petition signed by 217 residents asking the city to enforce its code provisions regarding “public nuisances and home occupations against a federal firearms license holder operating out of a home and that the council take whatever action is needed to ensure no other residential gun sales are allowed in Greenwood Village.”

Ahead of meeting on Monday night, several residents wrote emails both for and against the proposed ban.

For the proposed ban

Here are some of the emails from those in support of the proposed ban.

“Thank you for your very thoughtful research and analysis of the issue of prohibiting the
commercial sale of firearms out of a residential home in Greenwood Village, and for soliciting
input. I strongly support such a prohibition and recommend that City Council amend the GV
Municipal Code to reflect this,” one resident shared.

“The commercial sale of guns out of your home? Absolutely outrageous!! Never, never, never. Also get rid of the existing commercial licenses. I was stunned to find out that you can get a license to do this,” another resident shared.

With the recent school shooting at the elementary school in Texas, I am once again asking my political leaders to do what needs to be done to protect our students. As I mentioned in my remarks at the GV city council meeting on February 7, I have been a GV resident for 27 years, and I am an elementary and special education teacher. I have taught in the Cherry Creek School District since 1995. The possibility of active shooters in our community schools is very real and very frightening for all involved. The only way I know to calm my students’ fears is to reassure them that the adults in our world are doing everything they can to keep us safe. The callous disregard by so many of our elected leaders who refuse to take action to end gun violence is inexcusable. This ordinance is your chance to act. Please be a leader who will do the right thing,” another resident said in part.

Against the proposed ban

Here are some of the emails from those in opposition of the proposed ban.

“I was disappointed to read in the GWV newsletter that there will be a consideration of prohibiting the sale of firearms in a home-based business. A home-based business that I am told has not created any neighborhood safety concerns, or created any nuisance complaints, traffic or otherwise. I have marked my calendar and, health permitting, I will attend the public hearing as I am totally opposed to more governmental intrusion into the lives and commerce of a law-abiding citizen. In a country and state where government has allowed violent crime to rise as rapidly as we all have seen recently, any infringement of a citizen’s ability to arm themselves for protection is just wrong,” one resident shared.

“This is not a tough issue for me. If the City is willing to allow the sale of LEGAL products from an individual’s home, and that individual is not violating any Federal, State, or City laws or ordinances including the nuisance ordinances of the City, the City has no business making judgement on those products. If my neighbor was a Satan worshiper or practicing witchcraft and selling candles to like-minded individuals I certainly would be offended, but I do not believe it is within my rights to stop him from making those sales,” another resident explained.

In short, I do not think that you should support this proposed ordinance. I do believe “slippery slope” ramifications are at play here, probably beyond any emotionally charged Second Amendment issue. My opinion is that the voters, and our elected representatives, must stem the overwhelming tide of increased governmental regulation, which serves to suppress and eradicate personal liberties. From the information you have provided, no threat to the public or neighborhoods has been realized nor is anticipated,” another resident explained.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday night.