DENVER (KDVR) — Whether you want to slather your burger with spicy green chili or top your macaroni and cheese with green chiles, either option can end with satisfaction.

We recently posted a list of the top-rated places to get green chili in the Denver metro area and several people commented, “it’s green chile, not green chile.”

There is a difference between green chili and green chiles. Green chiles are used to make green chili, which is a dish.

According to the Associated Press, the meat- and/or bean-based dish is chili.

What to viewers think about the debate?

We asked FOX31 viewers to settle the debate on Facebook with this photo:

Bowl of green chili (Getty Images)

We asked, “Settle the debate: Is this a bowl of green chili or green chile?” Here are some of the responses we got:

“Chili. Chile is the pepper I believe,” one response said.

“Chili is the dish Chile is a pepper!!! At least that’s how I was raised,” another viewer shared.

Another viewer said, “With an e. Because it is pronounced Chee-leh not Cheelee.”

Several people commented simply with “green chile.” Others said no, it’s “green chili.”

One person said, “Does it really matter as long as it is delicious?”

Whether you choose to call it chili or chile, we hope you enjoy it!