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DENVER — Music, arts and food will combine with tens of thousands of people who are expected to attend the three-day Grandoozy festival at Overland Park Golf Course this weekend.

Tickets cost $110 for single days or $279.50 for a three-day pass to the festival at the southwest Denver golf course that was 10 years in the making.

“You’re gonna get these really cool surprises,” Grandoozy executive producer David Earlich said. “There’s gonna be a really kind of surprise factor.”

One of the surprises is there is no parking at the festival.

Concertgoers must use public transit, ride-sharing apps such as Uber or be dropped off by friends and family in specified areas.

One lane of Santa Fe Drive to the east of the course will be closed for ride-sharing drop-offs and pick-ups as well as another spot for drop-offs and pick-ups from family and friends.

Florida Avenue to the north and Jewell Avenue to the south will be closed for RTD drop-offs and pick-ups.

Only residents with parking passes will be allowed to park on neighborhood streets around the course.

Gates open each day at 1:30 p.m. with performances expected to end about 10 p.m.

Big acts scheduled to perform include Florence and the Machine on Saturday night and Stevie Wonder on Sunday.

Denver entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with the promoter Superfly that could land the city more than $1.5 million.