Grand Junction woman among Americans trying to leave Afghanistan

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DENVER (KDVR) — A Grand Junction woman is one of thousands of Americans trying to leave Afghanistan.

“I have two sons, one son in Denver, Colorado, and a son in Grand Junction in my home,” said the woman, who did not want to be identified for her safety.

She told FOX31 she met her husband online and went to live with him in Afghanistan in 2019.

“My wife is not coming out since Taliban have come,” her husband said. “She is not going out. She’s just like a detainee in her room.”

He also asked not be identified and said they’re all trapped in their home, afraid because she’s American and he helped Americans during the war.

He repeated the frightened words of his children from a previous marriage, with no way to put them at ease besides getting to Kabul and out of the country.

“They’re going to catch, catch you and mom, and they’re going to kill you,” he recalled them saying.

He said he’s willing to do whatever it takes to move the family through the Taliban-controlled country.

“I’m going to give a burqa to my wife,” he said.

He said the family was given permission to fly out of Afghanistan.

“We have got our appointment letter (saying) we can fly to America from the U.S. Embassy,” he said.

With the situation as it stands in the country, he said, there is no guarantee they’ll get to the airport in Afghanistan’s capital city.

“Talibans are not letting Afghans get into the airfield of Kabul,” he said.

His wife said she eagerly hopes to be reunited with family in Colorado — with her Afghan family at her side.

“Well I’ll be very happy for one, and I’ll have my family with me,” she said.

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