LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — If there is one art show that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis would not miss, it would be this one. It is because, well, it is called the Governor’s Art Show.

The Governor’s Art Show has been “presented by the two Rotary clubs here in Loveland: the Loveland Rotary and Thompson Valley Rotary. It was started originally as a fundraiser,” said Craig Van Wechel, art show board member.

The Governor’s Art Show is unique. It is one of the largest art shows in the state of Colorado that showcases work only from Colorado residents, like portrait artist Luis Santacruz.

“This is a portrait of my grandfather and older brother. This is really an old photo of them when they were in Mexico,” Santacruz said, referring to one of his paintings.

Sixty-two artists from around Colorado will occupy the space at the Loveland Museum.

You are allowed to touch some of the art on display, like some of the sculptures. Others, like the paintings, are probably best touched only by the gaze.

All of the art is for sale and up for grabs. Some of the proceeds go to art scholarships, just like the one Santacruz received a few years back.