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DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis unveiled a new logo for the state and its agencies on Tuesday during a news conference at the State Capitol.

“In an effort to promote all of Colorado and using the tools we have in the state, we want to offer a fresh representation of the state brand,” Polis said.

The new logo incorporates the red, white, blue and yellow state flag an evergreen and dual peaks representing Colorado’s outdoor spirit, Polis said.

“The tree represents Colorado’s natural resources and spirit,” Polis said. “The red symbolizes Colorado’s red soil and rocks. … Yellow represents the state’s abundant sunshine and wheat of the great Plains. Our dual peaks represent the many mountains in our state. And our rich blue base represents water, which is absolutely critical to our state.”

Polis said the new logo is part of a comprehensive branding effort. All state agencies will incorporate the new logo.

The new logo replaces a green triangular design that was made to represent the Rocky Mountains.

“I think the new logo represents the whole state more than just a peak,” Polis said.