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DENVER — Gov. John Hickenlooper has responded to a tweet from his ex-wife about his stance on legalized marijuana.

The governor told Rolling Stone magazine that Colorado hasn’t seen a spike in consumption by kids or people driving while high.

On Monday, Helen Thorpe tweeted that legal pot is affecting kids negatively, especially edibles.

She also linked to a Colorado Springs Gazette editorial that shows recent studies found Colorado leads the nation in young people who tried marijuana for the first time, among other statistics.

Hickenlooper said that as a parent, his ex-wife is concerned — like many others — about whether their kids are more likely to use marijuana because it’s legal in Colorado.

At a news conference, Hickenlooper acknowledged the social media dig.

“I saw the tweet,” Hickenlooper said lightly. “I follow my wife’s tweets. She was profusely apologetic. She did not understand the difference in the data, that that the story in USA Today, the op-ed piece on USA Today, was based on faulty data.

“But let me put it this way, we’re parents just like everybody else is. So she is concerned just like every other kids and every other kid’s parents in this state are about having legalized marijuana, is that making it a higher-risk for their kids, are they going to have a more (higher) probability that they’re going to get, start picking up, smoking pot.”

While Hickenlooper said Thorpe apologized for the tweet, as of Tuesday afternoon, it remained posted.