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ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Community members in Arvada held a gathering on Saturday night to honor Johnny Hurley. Hurley was killed while stopping an attempted shooting in Olde Town Arvada on Monday.

The memorial was hosted from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Olde Town Arvada Square. Friends and family of Hurley are trying to get the square renamed after Hurley as that is where he stopped the shooter. 

“Johnny, I love you for what you did. I have never been so proud of you but so pissed at you,” a friend of Hurley’s who spoke at the memorial said. 

The memorial lasted for around two hours. Friends, family and strangers went on the mic and spoke words about their relationship with Hurley, who is now being known as Arvada’s hero. 

“He was passionate about freedom and taking care of other people and he showed that the other day,” Jennifer Masterson, a friend of Hurley’s said. 

Friends also brought along drums and played music and sang at the memorial. Hurley’s friends said he loved to drum. 

“You did the right thing and it cost you and me dearly but I am so proud of you,” a friend said. 

Toward the end of the night, candles were handed out. The crowd remained emotional but positive, remembering his life. 

Several Arvada Police officers and Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies also showed up for the memorial. 

“I want to pay respect right now to those guys or ladies who are probably struggling right now with the decision they made and all the people who thought their lives were in jeopardy that day,” the friend emceeing the event said. 

It was also announced that next week Hurley’s family will be hosting another memorial along with Officer Gordon Beesley’s family. Once we get more information, it will be posted on the FOX31 website.