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GOLDEN, Colo. — A woman spotted a dog in a hot car in Golden Saturday and called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for help.

The woman said it “broke her heart” to see the large dog in distress.  She shot video of the dog bouncing back and forth and panting.

Within minutes, Deputy Kelly Fosler had gotten the dog out of the car, which was unlocked, and moved it to a shaded area.

 “When [dogs are] trapped in a car like that, they can’t sweat it out they don’t have anything to cool them down,” said Fosler.

The deputy tried talking to the owner about the dangers of leaving pets in a hot car.

“I don’t care. You guys have nothing else to do other than harass me and my dog,” the owner said.

Fosler says the temperature inside the vehicle was 95 degrees. Later during the day Saturday, high temperatures in the Denver area reached the upper 90s, meaning temperatures inside vehicles could peak well above 100 degrees.

The woman who called for help says she had been there for at least 20 minutes.

Animal control officers were called and checked out the dog and the woman’s video.

The dog’s owner was given a state warning. He was told he would be cited for animal cruelty if he is caught leaving an animal in a hot car again.