DENVER (KDVR) – Those of you searching for “reasons” to push on through to the other side of the “cold [and] contagious” holiday season, perhaps an “out of this world” tour announcement made on Tuesday will have your “synapses” firing on all cylinders.

The post-2022 tour “comedown” for those in Bush must’ve been abrupt after wrapping up a string of shows alongside fellow grunge lords Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin.

That’s because Gavin Rossdale and company have decided to proverbially “send in the clowns” once more after the new year begins, bringing them to the Fillmore Auditorium for a Feb. 4 show.

Concerts In Your Car's Bush Drive-In Concert
(Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

The English band just added to its prolific three-decade-long “history” with the mid-October release of the group’s ninth studio album, “The Art Of Survival,” and now they plan to take it to the “the people that [they] love” with a nationwide tour set to begin on Jan. 28 in Nevada.

Bush 2023 US tour dates

Tickets for the Fillmore Auditorium show are available on Dec. 9 at 8 a.m., according to the band’s website.

If you saw the recent performance from Bush back in September when they took to the Fiddler’s Green stage and you are worried others may consider you a “greedy fly” if you also snag entry to this show, sidestep their projected nonsense and make that pride a “swallowed” one.

Tickets, again, will go on sale this Friday so be sure to plan that online trip to the digital ticketing market and grab them before they are all claimed by fellow grunge lovers from across Central Colorado.