GLENDALE, Colo. (KDVR) — Glendale City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to ban pickleball on the tennis courts at Infinity Park.

The new ordinance prohibits people from bringing pickleball nets to the tennis courts, drawing lines or shoveling snow, which hurts the paint. This comes as the city says it’s making much-needed repairs to the tennis courts.

“The surface we’re putting down costs about $37,000 and we don’t want that to be damaged, because we want that to last as long as possible,” Glendale City Manager Chuck Line said.

Pickleball players aren’t out of luck, though. While the city is banning the sport at Infinity Park, they’re building four new pickleball courts less than a mile away at Glendale Park.

“When they want to play tennis, they can play tennis. When they want to play pickleball, they can play pickleball,” Line said.

Can pickleball and tennis ‘learn to coexist?’

Sam Hitman, a longtime tennis and pickleball player, supports the decision to make designated courts for each sport.

“Long term, I would think everyone having their own dedicated facility is ideal when you can,” Hitman said. “Both sports have a lot of positives to them, and I think there’s a long-term future for both sports, just have to learn to coexist and find the right balance.”

The city plans to make adjustments as needed if they receive any noise complaints from people living near the new pickleball courts.

“We can talk to the community after several months and find out if people even hear it, or is it a concern. If it’s not a concern we’ll leave it alone, but if it is a concern we’ll maybe peel back some of those hours,” Line said.

The pickleball courts at Glendale Park are expected to open in mid-October.