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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — A dedication was held Tuesday morning for a cyclist who was hit and killed by an SUV over the weekend.

Gwen Inglis, 46, was hit while riding in Lakewood on Sunday. She was a multi-national award-winning cyclist.

Tuesday morning her friends and family dedicated a ghost bike near the intersection in her honor.

A ghost bike is a bike spray painted white that acts as a memorial and a marker to drivers that a cyclist was killed at that location.

This ghost bike dedication brought together more than 150 people. Cyclists, friends, family and even strangers came out to remember her life.

Mike Inglis was riding behind Gwen, his wife, when she was hit and killed by a car along Alameda near Green Mountain.

“Being like Gwen means taking everybody else’s needs over your own,” Mike said.

Emergency physician Jeff Sankoff didn’t know Gwen but came out to show support and said one more ghost bike is one too many.

“I’m fed up with ghost bikes. Every time I get on my bike I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands,” Sankoff said. “We’re parents, we’re children, we’re husbands, we’re wives.”

Mike said he’ll keep riding even though now his tandem bike has an empty seat. 

“It only takes one individual to change and devastate everybody’s lives,” he said.

Police say Gwen and the 29-year-old driver of an SUV who hit her were both going east on Alameda when the driver drifted into the bike lane between McIntyre and Indiana.

Gwen was taken to the hospital where she died.

The driver is now in the Jefferson County Jail facing several charges, the worst is vehicular homicide while under the influence of drugs. 

Those who knew Gwen hope the district attorney charges the driver with the maximum sentence possible.