DENVER (KDVR) — Prices at the pumps have been coming down over the past months in the Denver area, but nothing like the gas war that’s broken out along Arapahoe Road in Greenwood Village.

A QuikTrip station at Arapahoe and Syracuse Way is selling regular gas for $1.71 a gallon as of Monday morning. Another station just down the road has regular gas at $1.74.

FOX31’s Jim Hooley was at the gas station all morning long on Monday. Around 7 a.m., he saw the prices at QuikTrip go from $1.71 to $2.29. While the gas is no longer under $2, it is still cheaper than the average price.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in the Denver area has fallen almost 16 cents in the past week. That’s according to the latest Gas Buddy survey released on Monday morning.

The average price in the Denver area for a gallon of regular now stands at $3.09. That’s almost 47 cents lower than a month ago and 23 cents lower than a year ago.

Nationally, prices are falling too. They have dropped about 5 cents over the past week. The national average for regular gas now stands at $3.33. That is about 25 cents higher than the average in Denver.

There has been no word on how long the gas war will continue along Arapahoe Road.