HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (KDVR) — The Fourth of July is a major time for firework displays.

Most fireworks are not permitted in the state unless administered by professionals.

Monday, another warning came out of Highlands Ranch, highlighting why you should leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals. An entire section of one family’s home is left scorched after their fireworks lit their garage on fire.

Fire crews are thankful the fire did not turn out worse than it did but say they hope other families take away several lessons from this scary situation.

This garage fire highlights an unfortunate event that crews say could have been much worse if smoke detectors weren’t working.

“Thankfully, they weren’t in bed and sleeping through a fire in the garage – they were alerted right away that a fire was happening,” Eric Hurst, public information officer for South Metro Fire Rescue said. “The home occupants heard smoke alarms going off and they smelled smoke inside the house so they went to look for what the problem was. When they opened up the door from the house in the garage, they saw a trash can on fire and it was rapidly spreading through the garage, they got out of the house and dialed 911.”

Everyone made it out okay and the fire did not spread inside but everything in the garage caught on fire. Crews said investigators determined the fire was started by fireworks that were not thrown away properly.

“They went to pick them up and they felt cool to the touch so they thought they were safe to throw away in the trash can so, unfortunately, something was still smoldering and after they went inside the house, the fire started,” Hurst said.

Hurst was not sure what kind of fireworks were thrown out but in Colorado, fireworks that leave the ground or explode are supposed to be left up to the professionals. Douglas County currently has a Stage 1 fire restriction in effect and warrants a $100 fine for a class two petty offense.

We are still waiting to hear back about possible penalties but responders want people to know there are better ways to get rid of explosives.

“It’s important to have a bucket of water ready to put spent fireworks into and let them soak overnight. So the right thing to do is have a bucket of water if you’re able to have a hose line that is ready to go with water and maybe even a fire extinguisher while you are using fireworks, that’s the best thing,” Hurst said.

South Metro said they have three extra, fully-staffed fire engines through midnight because they say this is one of their busiest times of the year. They are reminding people to only call 911 for emergencies.