DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado breweries brought home the most hardware in recent memory at last month’s Great American Beer Festival, which brings in more business.

Colorado brought home 40 medals during the festival, the most since 2017 and up from 26 the year before. One of the gold-winning breweries, Seedstock Brewery, brought home an award for its Marzen beer.

The brewery is one of 14 in the state that took home gold, bringing in full bars and a ton of business.

Adam McIlvenna, Seedstock’s owner, is fairly humble about the big win.

“I can actually say right now that I have the best Marzen in the country, which is still really weird to say, and I’m not really good at that kind of thing, but it feels good,” McIlvenna said.

German-style beers like the Marzen are the brewery’s specialty.

“We’re mostly known for lagers here — long fermentation, a lot of time aging. So we try to make sure we give all of the beers as much time as they need. We do half lagers and half ales. This particular beer is all German ingredients,” McIlvenna said.

McIlvenna is proud of the beer they’ve created but even more proud of the environment at their establishment. The gold bringing in new customers is just an added bonus.

“Our small community, we want to make sure that we’re family-friendly, animal friendly, we want everybody to feel welcome here, and I think we’re been very fortunate to be able to achieve that.”