DENVER (KDVR) — Get ready to look up to the sky this weekend. The February full snow moon will be illuminating the sky.

The snow moon will reach its peak illumination on Sunday, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

“It’s known as the snow moon due to the typically heavy snowfall that occurs in February. On average, February is the United States’ snowiest month, according to data from the National Weather Service,” the Farmer’s Almanac said.

The snowiest month in Denver is March when the city sees 11.3 inches on average. During February Denver typically gets 7.7 inches of snowfall.

Here is a look at when the 2023 full moons will happen:

  • Feb. 5
  • March 7
  • April 5
  • May 5
  • June 3
  • July 3
  • Aug. 1
  • Aug. 30
  • Sept. 29
  • Oct. 28
  • Nov. 27
  • Dec. 26

The full moon in March is the worm moon. It is the final full moon of winter.