Frozen pipes burst causing flooding, closures for several locations in Colorado; see full list

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DENVER (KDVR) — Subzero temperatures are causing pipes to burst at many homes, businesses, and schools in Colorado.

The best way to avoid a frozen pipe? Keep it warm.

Bob Logan with Plumbline Services said to, “Open the cabinets and keep them open warm and that will allow that warm air to get down underneath there.”

Also, that old trick of leaving a faucet dripping? That really works.

“This will keep a constant flow of a little warm water going through those pipes and it will help out with the freezing as well.” shared Logan.

If things go wrong with your water, like a broken pipe, you will want to know where the main shutoff for water is.

“This is the main shut off for the entire house to the water. It’s great to know where that is if you have a leak, a burst pipe, whatever the case may be.” shared Logan.

Unfortunately, the cold temperatures have caused pipes to burst for some already.

Here’s a list of the closures Tuesday caused by frozen pipes or pipes that have burst:

We will continue to add to this list as we get more locations.

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