DENVER (KDVR) — Frontier Airlines is under fire from passengers after it came out that their policy to charge at the gate for larger bags is an incentive for agents.

The budget airline’s policy for baggage is that passengers are entitled to one personal item that measures certain dimensions, such as purses, totes, computer bags, briefcases, diaper bags and kids’ backpacks.

Those who bring in larger bags for their personal item are subject to a fee at the gate. FOX31 was told by passengers that the fee is $100. But with that fee, the agent who levied the charge, Frontier said, does get compensated for it. This all happens at the gate, so it’s either pay or don’t fly.

Frontier responds about baggage charge at gate

Frontier said there’s a reason behind the compensation.

“It is simply an incentive for our airport customer service agents to help ensure compliance with our policies and that all customers are treated equally,” the airline said in a statement.

FOX31 did press Frontier on exactly how much the compensation is for agents when they charge that extra fee at the gate but is still waiting on a response.

Frontier Passengers at Denver International Airport, Nashville-bound passengers Jillian Sotelo and Cassandra Hall, were shocked to hear of this policy for agents.

“I just think it’s really wrong just because it feels like they’re tricking people,” Sotelo said.

A similar situation has happened to them before on a separate Frontier flight.

“They stopped me on the way to the plane and they wouldn’t let me take my breast pump on because it apparently didn’t fit,” Hall said. “I fought it and I won and I didn’t have to pay, and it did happen to us and it was awful. I thought I was going to have to pay $100 for my breast pump that didn’t fit in that little box.”

Both feel this policy is one that could easily be taken advantage of by agents.

“I think more people would travel if they made it easier and we wouldn’t have to do so many circles to just go on a fun vacation,” Hall said.