FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Two friends are recovering at a burn unit in Aurora after they were stuck in a burning car.

It happened in Fort Collins on Jan. 25 and they were left with nothing after the car was destroyed. Gina Martinez and her friend, Robbie Martinez, were inside the car as it burned.

“I became homeless and I was trying to get off the streets and I started living in my car,” Gina said.

Times have been tough for her. She’s been out of work for the last six months.

“I was just refilling a cylinder propane tank to go with my heater in my car, because it was cold,” Gina said.

It was a measure she was forced to take to stay warm in the cold temperatures. On occasion, her friend Robbie would visit with her.

‘All of a sudden, we were engulfed in flames’

Robbie happened to be with her on the night of Jan. 25.

“I was just like, hold up,” Robbie said, “step back, and all of a sudden, we were engulfed in flames.”

The fire started in the backseat, so Robbie, who was sitting up front, sprung into action.

“I had to grab her from the back seat and pull her up to the front seat and then I had to work on the lock because I tried to open up the door but the lock was on,” Robbie said.

The two friends were trapped in the car, in a panic as it burned.

“I finally got the lock up and opened up the door and then hopped out the car and pulled her out the car,” Robbie said.

Friends recover in hospital burn unit

Robbie suffered burns to his hands and arms while Gina had burns on her arms, legs, face and scalp. Both had been living from one shelter to another. Her car, Gina said, was the closest place to a home that she had.

A GoFundMe account has been established if you would like to help Gina and Robbie.

“That was my future, that was my life, that was my everything and now it is completely charred,” Gina said.

Both face a few weeks of recovery before they’re discharged.