GENESEE, Colo. (KDVR) — The Colorado Department of Transportation sent out a warning Monday saying drivers would need to watch out for hazardous driving conditions

Still, holiday traffic on Interstate 70 was heavy and steady both going to and coming from the mountains. One of the biggest problems was thick, freezing fog, making it nearly impossible to see the interstate from the roadside park in Genesee.

CDOT warned drivers to take extra precautions on various roads around the state.  

“Even though roads look pretty good, there could be some freezing drizzle, and that’s what people have to watch out for. Any wet surfaces will freeze,” CDOT spokesperson Tamara Rollison said.

Freezing fog obscures visibility on Interstate 70
Freezing fog on Interstate 70 in Genesee on Jan. 2, 2023 (KDVR)

What is freezing fog?

Freezing fog is made up of super-cooled water droplets that do not show up on radar, said Pinpoint Weather meteorologist Travis Michels.

“As soon as they touch something that is at or below freezing, it will immediately turn to ice and stick to it,” Michels said.

Those conditions can create black ice, Michels added.

Mountain communities covered in snow

In Idaho Springs, snow that fell over the holiday weekend had Gregg Tibbets busy this holiday.

“The snow we got last night was just a couple of inches, but three days ago, the snow we got was heavy snow,” Tibbets said.

The snow can be good news for mountain communities, which depend on tourists coming here to enjoy it.

Nicole, Milagros and Alessandra are from Peru and are here working during the winter months. They love this stuff.

“I love the snow and the mountains. In Peru, it’s very difficult for the snow to fall,” Nicole said.

Back on the highway, the freezing fog lingered. It was hard to see through and predict whether it may send drivers spinning out of control.