DENVER (KDVR) — Less than three weeks since $470,000 was raised at the 10th annual fundraising event “Diamonds in the Ruff: The Great Barksby,” a milestone of another sort has been reached by an organization that helps get service dogs into the lives that need their help.

According to their homepage, the hardworking members of Freedom Service Dogs of America have helped pair delicately trained canine comrades with hundreds of clients since 1987.

On Wednesday, six of those future fluffy service animals ventured out to Coors Field during the Rockies’ home game against the New York Giants to get some invaluable field training.

These six service recruits headed out to the ballpark on Wednesday for a training mission.

Distractions faced by the Freedom Service Dogs of America recruits

The dogs were put to the test, facing:

  • Baseballs that were prohibited from being involved in a game of fetch
  • The dog-petting fanatics of the Colorado Rockies
  • A seemingly infinite amount of confusingly-named delectable hot dogs
  • The raucous crowd banter dispensed from the fiscally responsible Rock Pile

According to their trainers, the six recruits took the event in stride and handled it like champs.

“Our hope is that this group of pups will soon be partnered with veterans or other adults and children living with disabilities,” Director of Communications at Freedom Service Dogs of America Erin Conley explained.

Calm, cool and collected amid all the distractions.

If you are a veteran or you have a loved one who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, autism or a mobility limitation that resulted from cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, stroke or traumatic brain injury, then visit their applicant page. This may be exactly what is needed to regain some independence to participate more fully in life.

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible and this may be what helps expedite the healing process. According to their application page, the current wait to get fully through the pairing process is three to four years, so get the process moving.

Becoming a puppy raiser for Freedom Service Dogs of America

Upon landing on the “Become a Puppy Raiser” homepage, your eyes may gravitate to the note next to the adorable puppy-adorned flyer that reads: “We are currently seeking puppy raisers throughout Colorado.”

They are expecting approximately 102 more puppies in 2022, and each of these small service dog candidates needs a caring home to help them grow into their full “pup-tential.” If you can raise one of these puppies in your home for 10 months to a full year, then consider applying to be a raiser.

These six service recruits pose for the frame after heading out to the ballpark on Wednesday for a training mission.

Additionally, if you are looking for a more long-term companion but do not need a fully trained service dog, consider visiting the “Adopt a Career-Change Dog” page. Not every dog that goes through this training program makes it to graduation day, but that does not mean they do not need to be paired with a new home.

Fill out the dog adoption application and offer these hard-working and studious dogs a family and the home they deserve to retire. Unlike the service dog pairing program, this service is not free. You must be at least 21 years old and able to pay the $2,000 adoption fee.

Donating and the Faces of Freedom Sporting Clay Tournament

If you are unable to adopt, you can still give to this organization’s cause by partaking in the upcoming clay shooting tournament set to be held on June 24 at Colorado Clays, located at 13600 Lanewood St. in Brighton.

Those organizing 2022 Faces of Freedom are offering free admittance to veterans who want to compete in the sporting tournament. The proceeds of this event will go to Freedom Service Dogs of America. If you are interested in helping but are unable to attend, then visit their donation page and contribute to their cause whatever you’re able to.

Don’t wait another day to see if this organization can help you take a step toward true recovery and meaningful change. Introduce one of these companions into your life and see if it doesn’t expedite the healing process.

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