FRASER, Colo. (KDVR) – Veterinarians in the high country are seeing an uptick in ticks.

“We are having a huge tick season right now,” said Dr. Carrie Nedele at Grand Animal Hospital in Fraser. She is wondering what illnesses these ticks are carrying.

“What I was taught is that Lyme disease is not present in the state of Colorado, and we are seeing a ton of pets that are testing positive for Lyme disease, which would go against that,” Nedele explained. “So, we are just doing a study to figure out if it is indeed here.”

According to Colorado State University Extension, the most common tick in Colorado is the Rocky Mountain wood tick. The deer tick, alternatively known as the blacklegged tick, carries Lyme disease not generally found here in the region, but Dr. Nedele wants to know if it’s migrating.

Dr. Nedele has been asking people to save the ticks they find on themselves, or their pets, here in Colorado. That’s because she wants you to send them to her for testing. You can drop your ticks off in a sealed container, or mail them to her at Grand Animal Hospital, which is located at 511 Zerex St Suite 105, Fraser, CO 80442.

“We don’t see as many blacklegged ticks as they do outside the state,” Nedele explained. “So, we are just trying to figure out if Lyme disease is here, and if so, what is the prevalence.”

She also highlighted the importance of getting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to recognize that Lyme disease is in our state.

Dr. Nedele has Lyme disease herself and believes she got it in Indiana. According to her, it can be tough to handle, and she wants to raise awareness if it is indeed here in Colorado.