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SAN ANTONIO (KDVR) — FOX31 report Vicente Arenas’ mother was hospitalized seven days ago with a breakthrough case of COVID-19, and she is now showing signs of improvement.

We caught up with Vicente, who is committed to sharing his mother’s story in hopes of shedding light on the emotional toll tied to the deadly disease.

“She’s making great progress. No fever. And that ever important O2 level continues to stay strong,” Vicente said.

“With COVID, you just never know. I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said.

FOX31/Channel 2 reporter Vicente Arenas and his mother, Victoria, who is suffering from a breakthrough case of COVID-19. (Credit: Vicente Arenas)

Glimmers of hope, coupled with uncertainty

His 83-year-old mother, Victoria, is showing signs of improvement after a harrowing COVID-19 breakthrough diagnosis while she recovered from a stroke in a rehab facility. She had been vaccinated.

Vicente flew to Texas last week when he learned his mother was diagnosed.

After days of hardly moving and suffering an unbearable cough and fever, Victoria seemed better on Thursday. She practiced her speech and painted her own nails.

Vicente Arenas spends time with his 83-year-old mother, who despite being vaccinated got COVID-19. (Credit: Vicente Arenas)

But the glimmers of hope are coupled with the uncertainty of when — or unfortunately, if — she will go home.

Leaving the facility was visibly top of mind for Victoria today. Vicente caught her packing up her belongings to leave the hospital.

“It broke my heart. I said, ‘Mom, we’re not going home,” Vicente said.

While emotional and challenging, Vicente and his family are grateful they have the opportunity to be by his mother’s side — a gift not everyone has received throughout the pandemic.

“I cannot imagine the people who are dying alone. I can barely breathe thinking about that,” Vicente said through tears.

Vicente said he is so grateful he got the vaccine, not only because it protects him, but also because it has allowed him to be in the room with his mom — a benefit he hadn’t even considered when he got the shot.