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FORT MORGAN, Colo. (KDVR) — A woman who became ill couldn’t take care of her dog while she was admitted to the hospital, so the animal shelter where she adopted the dog stepped up.

Julieann Bevins has a major heart condition and earlier this year her health was declining fast. It was on July 5, after months of her health declining, that she knew it was time to see the doctor. But she didn’t know what to do with her rescue dog, Owen.

“I don’t have anybody I could leave him with to take care of him that I felt comfortable with, and I just got sicker and sicker, and it’s six months down the road and I can’t walk five feet without sitting down, I can’t breathe and I’m still trying to figure out something for my animal,” Bevins said.

Even though she’d had Owen for four years, Fort Morgan Animal Shelter said they’d take him in until she got better.

“Within a few hours, I coded in the ER. I was in the ICU for five weeks, still calling the shelter and thanking them and saying sorry it’s taking so much longer and offering them donations,” Bevins said.

“I spoke to a lovely woman, Holly, who wouldn’t accept my donations. I ended up having to go to a rehab center, where I am now, and relearn how to walk. Everything. I couldn’t even lift a glass to take a drink by myself,“ Bevins said.

The shelter never asked for money, checking in with Bevins periodically and letting her know Owen is doing just fine. The shelter’s kindness was a saving grace for Bevins.

“With everything we’re being thankful for, our families and our homes and our pets, just don’t forget the ones that don’t have that. I just want people to know this and to donate and think about fostering,” Bevins said.

Bevins will be released from her rehab facility and reunited with Owen next week.