DENVER (KDVR) – Members of the community across the Front Range paid their respects to our fallen servicemen and women on Memorial Day.

One event in Denver was making its comeback for the first time in two years.

The commemoration at Fort Logan has taken place for years, but after a brief hiatus, community members said it was good to be back.

Coloradans of all ages braced fierce winds to reunite with a tradition they haven’t been able to enjoy since 2019. That was especially true for keynote speaker Brigadier General Scott Sherman who has been working the front lines, helping to manage the pandemic.

“It was a real honor,” Sherman said. “This is a cemetery that has 108,000 veterans here. It’s a real treat to come back to talk to our veterans and talk to them about the significance and importance of Memorial Day.”

In spite of the high winds, some Coloradans said they wouldn’t miss this event for anything.

“My parents were both in the army, that was back east. It’s just a wonderful thing to honor our veterans,” Gail Fletcher of Thornton said.

Even some of the youngest people who helped out at the event were stressing how important the day is for those who served and their families.

“If you don’t know their story, go out and learn their story. Because the most important thing you can do, especially on Memorial Day, is learn the names of those who have fallen before us and spread their name on,” Jesse Woody of Brighton said.

“My message is to do something for other people and be selfless and help other people. Don’t just help yourself every once in a while. For our veterans, you don’t know what they’ve been through but they have done so much for you. So the least you can do is help them and give back in some way,” Ashley Rea of Parker said.

If you want to help pay your respects and get involved, learn more about the available volunteer opportunities on the Flags of our Fallen Vets homepage.

Leaders at the cemetery said their next big task is putting away these flags near the tombstones. They plan to work on that vast task starting this Saturday, June 4th.