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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Teenagers across Fort Collins are calling on the Poudre School District to investigate after a video showed up on social media allegedly showing high school students choking each other and using racial slurs.

The video was posted to a private Snapchat story but has since been recorded and shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by several others. 

“I saw it and I was surprised — like, really surprised,” Fort Collins High School student Ella Jaramillo told FOX31. 

The video appears to show a boy horsing around with another boy by choking him. At the same time, someone off-camera can be heard using a vulgar racial slur typically used against the Black community. 

“And so instantly George Floyd comes up,” recent Rocky Mountain High School graduate Alan Araya told FOX31. “It’s not a coincidence that he happened to say that in a time where the Black Lives Matter movement is going on.”

According to several teens who reached out to FOX31, the teens in the video claim they were simply wrestling. FOX31 has not been able to contact any of the teens directly. 

“Because of the circumstances and the words that are going with it, they’re mocking chokeholds,” Jaramillo said. 

The video goes on to show several more teens laughing after one of them says a racial slur. 

“They could say that they were wrestling or that they were joking around but that’s nowhere near a joke,” Araya said. 

The teens tell FOX31 they want Poudre School District to step in and enforce its zero tolerance policy on hate and racism. 

In a statement to FOX31, Poudre School District said:

“Poudre School District is aware of the video, which portrays actions that are in stark contrast to what PSD stands for. To be clear, there are no Rocky Mountain High School students in the video. We will not comment further about the video. Additionally, here is a June 5 letter regarding equity and inclusion in PSD.”