FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Officer Jason Haferman, the center of an internal affairs investigation into DUI arrests, resigned Friday before a scheduled discipline meeting, according to Fort Collins Police Chief Jeff Swoboda.

“I had a meeting scheduled with him to discuss my final disciplinary decision, but he resigned prior to that meeting. As of today, he is no longer employed with our agency,” Swoboda explained.

Haferman can still get a job with another law enforcement agency. But he’ll have a scarlet letter, because any agency that tries to hire him will see his resignation in lieu of termination on his record.

9 DUI arrests had no drug, alcohol results

FOX31 first broke the story of the internal affairs investigation of Haferman in July, when the department noticed a pattern of DUI arrests that came back with no drugs or alcohol detected.

Internal affairs found nine results with no drugs or alcohol detected in less than a year, which “prompted further internal scrutiny,” according to Swoboda.

Swoboda said in a video posted on the department’s Facebook page, “The results of the investigation ultimately revealed a pattern of performance that did not meet the training and standards we require for our officers.”

Fort Collins Police Services launched an internal affairs investigation on April 13, five days after the Problem Solvers made a records request for body camera video involving a December 2021 DUI arrest.

Haferman was placed on administrative leave in October pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

“As I’ve said before, transparency isn’t just about sharing the great things happening here. It also means being candid, showing up for difficult conversations, and owning our failures. We’re using everything we learned in this situation to become a better organization tomorrow than we are today, and we appreciate the ongoing dialogue and collaboration with our community as we grow together,” Swoboda said.

FOX31 knows of at least six victims who plan to file lawsuits related to DUIs.

As previously reported, Larimer County District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin had sent a letter to Fort Collins Police Services expressing his concerns to the police department, writing Haferman’s conduct will have to “dramatically” improve if his office is going to prosecute DUI cases submitted by Haferman.

On Friday, McLaughlin released this statement:

I communicated to FCPD in August of 2022 that my office would no longer be prosecuting cases in which former Officer Haferman was an essential witness. I arrived at this decision based on the overwhelming evidence my prosecutors and others had observed in many of Officer Haferman’s cases. I understand the Fort Collins Police Department needed to conduct an internal review and I appreciate that they appear to have arrived at the same conclusion regarding his ability to perform his duties. The rights of our community members will always be of foremost importance. 

Larimer County District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin