FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — After a fatal crash in Fort Collins late Tuesday night, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation stepped in to issue a Medina Alert, hoping to locate a truck involved.

That truck was found Wednesday morning, according to FCPD, and the driver was located.

The crash was near Mulberry Street and Riverside Avenue around 11:39 p.m.

“It’s a really busy intersection I see accidents happen here a lot,” Anthony, who works on Mulberry, said.

CBI told FOX31 that this Medina Alert in Fort Collins was the seventh issued statewide so far this year. They told us, on average each year, there are between five to 10 Medina Alerts issued in total. 

Medina Alerts issued in 2023 via CBI, as well as the severity of the crash: 

  1. January 1 – Fatal 
  2. January 3 – Unknown 
  3. January 25 – Serious bodily injury 
  4. January 26 – Serious bodily injury 
  5. March 25 – Fatal 
  6. April 4 – Unknown
  7. April 8 – Fatal
  8. April 18 – Fatal 

“A lot of people on their phones not stopping properly,” Anthony said. 

Anthony said Fort Collins is getting busier, which means more people on the road and walking especially, around the campus and downtown area. 

“Over the years I’ve seen the population rise quite a bit,” Anthony said. 

The FOX31 digital data desk looked into hit-and-runs in Fort Collins. According to the Fort Collins Police crime map, there had been 13 hit-and-runs so far this year prior to the fatal one Tuesday night. 

“Watch out. Keep an eye out. Be aware of your surroundings,” Anthony said. 

Fort Collins Police said in a release that a red Chevrolet truck may also be involved. They are also looking for any information on a semitruck that may have been stopped in the area between 11 p.m. and 11:45 p.m.

While the Medina Alert for the black Chevy truck was deactivated, the investigation is ongoing.