FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A Fort Collins 911 dispatcher saved the day by helping a mom and dad bring their newborn into the world on January 15. Mom and baby are doing fine. Jill and John Clarken are celebrating the birth of their second child– a girl– named Addy.

“I remember being extremely terrified,” Jill Clarken said.

Her husband sprang into action.

“Obviously a million thoughts are running through your head,” John Clarken said.

Addy was ready and wouldn’t wait– forcing Mom and Dad to deliver her on a bathroom floor. But thanks to skilled 911 dispatcher Megan Biberos, a stressful situation became much more manageable.

“The dad was very, very calm,” 911 dispatcher Megan Biberos said. “When he first called, I would not have guessed what was going on in their house was happening.”

Step by step, the couple followed Biberos’ lead.

“Then we are instructing to add towels, get a shoelace to tie off umbilical cord, and keep the baby warm until [paramedics] get there,” Biberos said.

She walked the couple through a successful delivery.

“Talk about a meant-to-be scenario,” Jill said. “We had to call 911. We are going to have this baby on the floor of the bathroom, but we couldn’t be matched with a better person to walk us through it.”

Addy spent a little time in the NICU to recover from the at-home delivery. The family is back home now, and they have put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone.

“It meant the world to us to be connected with her … to say thank you,” John said. 

Biberos, someone who handles dozens of 911 calls per day, said this one stands out.

“The mom and dad did such a good job that it was so easy,” she said. “I will remember it forever. I get to see them … and see [Addy] and hold her.”

In a job that often deals with tragedy, this triumph brought a smile to everyone involved.