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LITTLETON, Colo. — Eight people were taken to metro area hospitals following the deadly shooting at the STEM School Highlands Ranch. While some students have been discharged, others are still recovering.

Immediately following the tragedy, one person was taken to Children’s in Highlands Ranch. That student was released.

Two people were taken to Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Five people were taken to Littleton Adventist Hospital. Two of those students were still in serious condition as of Tuesday night.

Michael Schwartz, a student at Arapahoe High School, used to go to STEM and went to Littleton Adventist to visit a friend. He said that friend was injured while trying to pin one of the shooters to the ground.

“He got shot I don’t now how many times. I think it was three or four and he actually helped fight off the shooter. With his help, a couple of other kids were able to pin him to the ground, but because of that he just got shot a lot more than anyone else,” Michael Schwartz said. “He pretty much like saved everyone, I feel like.”

Schwartz said his friend was recovering well.

Schwartz also said he used to be in class with one of the alleged shooters. He referred to the suspect that has been identified as an adult.

“For the most part, he seemed pretty normal. Seemed like he was making a lot of strange jokes here and there, but other than that, I just thought he was any random, ordinary kid,” Schwartz said.

Every person taken to the hospital was a student over the age of 15.