DENVER (KDVR) — A former high-ranking Denver Public Schools safety administrator said the district needs to change the way it disciplines students to keep classrooms and teachers safe.

Melissa Craven was an interim chief in the DPS Department of Climate and Safety. She said the current discipline model protects offenders but puts all other students and staff at risk.

Craven spoke at a Parent Safety Advocacy Group, PSAG, news conference near East High School Monday.

PSAG has been calling for improved security measures at Denver Public Schools ever since the shooting that took the life of 16-year-old Luis Garcia in March in front of East High School.

At the time, Craven was the DPS Department of Climate and Safety interim chief of support services for the district. Craven said the district’s discipline matrix needs a major overhaul.

“DPS protects the offender while abandoning the good students,” Craven said. She was let go from the district in April.

“When a student has been released by the courts and determined to be safe to return to the mall, grocery stores, etc., the courts often require that they return to school. Denver Public Schools then works with the school and the student’s family to put safety checks in place to ensure that the school community is safe,” DPS Public Information Officer Scott Pribble said.

PSAG also said inconsistencies in disciplinary measures at different schools are also a problem.

“Denver Public Schools is not aware of any inconsistencies when applying disciplinary measures. District leaders meet weekly with a school discipline leader during the first semester and bi-weekly during the second semester to ensure consistency at all of our schools,” Pribble said.

Parent Vernon Jones said mental health has been a critical need.

“The number one thing when the students respond to all of this is not SROs. It’s not a weapons detection system, it’s social-emotional support,” Vernon said.

The district said it agrees more mental and emotional support is needed and will be included in the long-term safety plan.

The district’s superintendent, Dr. Alex Marrero, will be posting an updated version of the district’s long term safety plan on Friday.

The PSAG said Monday’s news conference was the last regularly scheduled news conference it would be holding.