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DENVER — Former Denver Mmayor Wellington Webb’s statement was succinct and to the point, saying, “Bronco fans, in general, have always been identified and tied to the name Mile High Stadium.”

He is not alone in that sentiment.

The former mayor called the members of the media to his downtown office to deliver his message and to borrow a line from a Beatles song, to get back to where you once belong.

To Mile High Stadium, that is.

“Instead of rolling the dice for another corporate name, why not come up with a way to help pay to restore the Mile High name?” he said.

But somebody has to pay for the estimated $650 million in stadium improvements over the next 20 years.

Webb said he would not be opposed to a little help from the marijuana industry.

“The marijuana industry is legal in Colorado. I know the NFL has a policy against marijuana but as a business they should also be able to buy in,” he said.

The Broncos own the naming rights to the stadium. The team is continuing to seek a naming rights partner.