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DENVER — Former city auditor Dennis Gallagher was issued a cease-and-desist letter from the Denver’s City Attorney’s office on Wednesday after emailing more than 8,600 city employees last Sunday.

In the mass email, Gallagher suggested that Denver’s leaders care more about corporate interests than city employees or residents. The email then states that a vote for mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis would “bring ethical leadership and accountability back to City Hall.”

The city attorney’s letter to Gallagher states the former auditor is jeopardizing employees, violating city rules and is an overall “drain on the city resources.”

“This coming May 7th, we all face a crucial decision. We have an opportunity to bring about change and elect a new mayor for Denver. We believe that
the best choice for new leadership and ethical city government is Jamie Giellis, who understands that Pay-to-Play must end. She proved her support of
workers by supporting Denver Public School teachers in their recent strike,” Gallagher’s email reads.

According to Gallagher’s bio on the city of Denver website, he was a member of the both the Colorado House and Senate before serving on the Denver City Council between 1995 and 2003. He then worked as city auditor between 2003 and 2014.

Giellis sent the following statement to FOX31 and Channel 2:

“The City of Denver is facing far more serious issues than an email to city  employees. Our neighborhoods are being impacted by over development. We have thousands of people homeless and living on the street, unprecedented traffic and congestion. And the Brown Cloud is back. These are the issues the neighbors I talk to are concerned about, not emails.”