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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Former Denver Broncos player, Justin Bannan, was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Wednesday for attempted murder.

Bannan received the minimum possible even though the district attorney was pushing for 26 years. FOX31’s Rob Low said the probation department recommended 32 years, but the victim said Bannon needs drug rehab and wanted the minimum.

District Attorney Michael Dougherty provided FOX31 with this statement after the sentencing:

There are consequences for one’s actions, particularly when it involves trying to kill someone by shooting them at close range. Although our office and the pre-sentence report recommended a longer prison sentence because of the defendant’s deliberate actions in his attempt to murder Dr. Marie, the victim wanted the minimum prison sentence to be imposed. I think that says a lot about her compassion and her values.  We greatly appreciate the hard work of the jurors in this serious, violent case. Also, I want to acknowledge the prosecution team for their dedication in presenting all the evidence to the jury and securing justice for the victim and this community.

Bannan was found guilty in September last year of attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault causing serious bodily injury and several other charges in a 2019 shooting of a woman in Boulder.

Bannan was inside a building that housed his business when he shot a woman, referred to as Ashley Marie in court, who worked at another business in the same building. At the time, police said the former NFL player shot the 36-year-old in the shoulder because he thought the Russian mafia was after him, according to accusations in court documents. Bannan is accused of waiting inside a room and shooting the woman as she opened a door after arriving to work.

“Prior to today’s sentencing, the defendant has consistently blamed his years in the NFL for his actions at Black Lab Sports in October of 2019. All the experts and medical reports concluded otherwise and pointed to the defendant’s serious abuse of illicit drugs and prescription stimulants as the cause of his paranoia when he deliberately fired his gun in a crowded building with the intent to seriously injure an innocent person. His experience as a football player was neither the reason he shot the victim, nor a reason for him to evade responsibility. As noted by the judge in court, the defendant still fails to accept full responsibility for his drug abuse leading to the attempted murder of the victim in this case, “ Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney Adrian VanNice said.