DENVER (KDVR) — Former Aurora Police Officer Eduardo Landeros has been charged with two felonies in a deadly crash that happened in March, FOX31’s Alex Rose has learned.

The charges against Landeros are vehicular homicide and criminally negligent homicide.

The crash happened at the intersection of East Bates Avenue and South Chambers Road around 8:20 p.m. on March 4. Landeros’ police SUV collided with a Toyota Corolla causing the Chevrolet Tahoe to roll several times, leaving the officer trapped.

Landeros spent the night in the hospital after the crash and was released the next morning. The driver of the Corolla was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and later died.

Wednesday, FOX31 reported Landeros resigned on April 25, the day before he was scheduled to have an internal affairs interview with APD.

Investigation into crash

Landeros was responding to a call of a reported break-in. Colorado State Patrol investigated the crash and said it was a nonemergency call, and Landeros did not have lights and sirens activated.

Investigators said the driver of the Corolla had a stop sign but did not yield to oncoming traffic.

An affidavit of CSP’s investigation said Landeros was seen on body camera video excessively speeding after the break-in call was received leading up to the point of impact.

“I observed Officer Landeros passing the intersection of S. Chambers Road and E. Dartmouth Avenue at 2019 hours and 29 seconds when he was traveling approximately 100 MPH. I observed Officer Landeros begin to interact with the touchscreen on his MDC at 2019 hours and 32 seconds. At 2019 hours and 36 seconds I observed Officer Landeros bring his right hand back to the steering wheel and swerve. I observed as the steering wheel turned I could see the speedometer was at approximately 104 to 105 MPH,” the document read.

The Corolla was going between 16 to 18 mph and the Tahoe was going between 88 to 98 mph at the time of impact, the document said.