DENVER (KDVR) — It is springtime in Colorado, which means the forecast is always shifting. If you were looking forward to some snow in the metro, you might be out of luck during this storm.

Pinpoint Weather Day has been issued for Tuesday and Wednesday as wet weather will make its way into Colorado.

The Pinpoint Weather team has been tracking this storm for a while and was transparent that this one was going to be tricky due to the temperature and elevation.

Now that the storm is closer, here is what to expect from the updated forecast.

Rain for the metro snow for the higher elevations

On Tuesday, temperatures will stay a bit warmer than previously forecast with highs in the low 50s. This means that temperatures are just too warm for anything to stick.

Pinpoint Meteorologist Travis Michels said that because temperatures won’t drop below freezing the impact on roads and overpasses will be minimal in the metro.

It all comes down to the change in elevation and temperature. Metro Denver will mostly just see rain during this storm system with a slight chance for a flurry.

Where you could see snow is above 6,000 feet which is in the foothills and Palmer Divide.

While the impact is minimal in the metro, down south and in the foothills snow could cause issues Wednesday morning.

When will the wet weather move out?

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, we will dry out by Wednesday with the precipitation moving out by noon at the latest.

Clouds will linger on Wednesday but highs will stay in the mid-50s.

If you enjoy the wet weather, don’t worry, more rain and snow move back on Friday morning.

As the storm continues to change, be sure to keep up to date with the latest forecast with the free Pinpoint Weather app.

Forecast and radar

Whether you have plans to be outside or you just want to stay on top of the forecast, we have you covered.

We have several different radars on our website, which can be used no matter where you are.

The Pinpoint Weather team will update Colorado’s Most Accurate Forecast throughout the day on TV with updates on FOX31.