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DENVER — The Detroit Democratic Debate is now over — so what is next for Colorado’s two presidential candidates: Sen. Michael Bennet and former Gov. John Hickenlooper?

While both candidates had memorable moments — even memes — neither have qualified for the next debate in September.

In order to qualify, a candidate will need 4 percent in four national polls along with 130,000 donors. Four-hundred donors must be from at least 20 states.

For perspective, both Bennet and Hickenlooper have received 0 percent in recent national polls. Hickenlooper did receive 2 percent in a recent Fox News poll.

Hickenlooper spent Thursday in New York while also announcing nine events in Iowa next week.

Bennet is also expected to appear in Iowa next week, including at the Iowa State Fair.

“Both candidates are different as to how they politick,” FOX31 political analyst Andy Boian said.

Boian says Hickenlooper is on the hot seat more than Bennet.

Hickenlooper is still struggling with donors and national press. He is expected to huddle with politicos in Colorado this weekend.

“I think the race has left him,” Boian said. However, he added, “Hickenlooper is a fighter.”

Bennet, Boian says, is positioned better for an August surge, having recent positive press from pundits like George Will, who wrote “To Defeat Trump, Democrats should nominate Michael Bennet.”

“Bennet has a level of gravitas about him,” Boian said.