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DENVER (KDVR) — A day after a protest that put eight people in jail in Denver, there are still questions regarding the purpose of the demonstrations.

The protesters made their way along East Colfax Avenue and onto streets near the Capitol building Wednesday night.

At the head of the group was a banner that read, “Death to Fascism and the Liberalism that enables it.”

FOX31 attempted to speak to some of the people who were arrested to ask about their message and what they were protesting, but a group of people at the jail to pick up the protesters after being released blocked our view of them, saying they would not be making any comments.

At the protest, which included vandalism and fires, there were other flags and banners.

At times some of the protesters could be seen yelling at officers and the group was dispersed after Denver police used mace and pepper spray.

Some thought the march could be tied to the heated controversial presidential election.

“We saw several banners, one of which said they didn’t care who won the election — that they are ungovernable,” Police Chief Paul Pazen said.

We found new graffiti along Colfax which read, “No More Presidents.”

“It didn’t seem like they were taking a position on this election other than using this as a reason to exploit the fear and anxiety that we have and further their agenda, which appeared to be causing damage and destruction within our city,” Pazen said.

There have been at least 10 marches in the very recent past, according to Pazen, but none as destructive as the one Wednesday night.