DENVER (KDVR) — Red Rocks Amphitheatre is admired by more than just Coloradans. Some artists dream of performing there, and when they do, they say it’s an honor.

Flipturn, an indie band from Florida, recently opened at Red Rocks for two back-to-back nights of sold-out shows with Mt. Joy. The band told FOX31 why performing at Red Rocks was a dream come true.

“Red Rocks is always the venue that I think any band would say it’s their dream to play there,” bassist Madeline Jarman said.

Why do artists say performing at Red Rocks is a dream come true?

The Colorado staple venue has a long history of performances dating back to 1941. The drummer, Devon Vonbalson, said that the history behind the iconic venue makes it a “real honor” to perform at.

It’s a venue that the singer Dillon Basse said it is hard not to know about as an artist because so many notable bands and musicians have played on that stage.

“For a long time whenever people have asked us what our dream venue is to play, we always said Red Rocks because of how iconic it is, for as long as I can remember really,” said Basse.

Flipturn started making music in Jarman’s garage in 2016 and started touring in 2018. Just two years ago, the band said they were performing at small intimate venues, including garages, where they were face-to-face with the audience.

But at Red Rocks, Jarman said the band could “get in the zone” and get past the nerves and excitement and feel comfortable on the stage. Despite being distanced from the crowd, the energy was flowing.

“Usually when you’re playing a show, you’re not used to looking up at people, you’re usually looking eye level or looking down. So to see this wave of 10,000 people staring down at you is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced playing music before,” Basse said.

Why do artists like to perform in Colorado?

“It’s one of our favorite states and places to play in. Everyone is always so receptive and positive and awesome,” Jarman said. “We’re definitely coming back, we have plans.”

The back-to-back shows weren’t Flipturn’s first in Colorado. The band said their song “Chicago,” which mentions the Centennial State, is particularly fun to perform here.

“Looking up and seeing so many people react to that song and engage with that song, that was one of my favorite moments,” Basse said. “That was a moment where I definitely looked at everyone on stage like, ‘Oh dang, this is real right now, this is kind of crazy.'” 

The band got to experience Colorado outside of Red Rocks too. Tristan Duncan, the lead guitarist, said he got to go rock climbing at Clear Creek Canyon, which was a cool experience for him.