Flight attendant suspects his ties to Black Lives Matter led to vandalism of his SUV at DIA

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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver-based flight attendant Cameron Rogers says he believes a vandal targeted his vehicle because of Black Lives Matter stickers on his SUV’s rear window. Rogers reported the crime to Denver police on Wednesday.

Rogers, who works for United Airlines, parked his car at Denver International Airport’s employee parking lot on Monday evening. He returned on Wednesday to discover his vehicle had been keyed. Some of the most intense vandalism is directly under his Black Lives Matter stickers.

“When I walked around, I saw they had done it completely along the driver’s side as well,” Rogers said. “It was clearly due to the Black Lives Matter sticker.”

Rogers has been active in the BLM movement by attending several protests.

“My dad is Black,” he said. “My mom is white. To me, this is a very important issue.”

It’s an issue he supports as a way to bring people together — not to create deeper division.

“I feel like people look at this sticker or see our posts and they think that Black Lives Matter is a threat,” Rogers said. “The biggest thing that I can say is that’s not what it is at all. If anything, we’re trying to bring unity.”

Rogers bought the SUV last year. The insurance deductible is $500. That’s money out of his out of his pocket as he faces an airline furlough starting in October. 

The vehicle was parked in a lot that only employees are able to access. DIA says the parking lot is under video surveillance.

The airport confirms it will work with police to provide necessary footage.

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