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DENVER (KDVR) — Monday’s rain stranded many drivers across the metro area.

One rideshare driver ended up waiting for emergency assistance after flooding disabled his car near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

“Yeah, I got stranded while on the job. I had a passenger in the vehicle. We had about 2 and a half to 3 feet of water,” said Dennis, who had to wait for firefighters to arrive and push the car out of the water.

Eddie Battle was on his way to visit his mother in the same area.

“I’m very tired of the rain right about now,” Battle said.

Flooding at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Dahlia Street rises up to the exterior of a passenger sedan
Flooding at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Dahlia Street in Denver (Credit: Allen Davis)

FOX31 found water slowly draining from the intersection after the rain stopped, but plenty of mud and debris were left behind.

“The water level was above the sidewalk, above the curb,” Battle said.

Neighbors in the area, who are used to driving on MLK Boulevard, were surprised to see how much damage can be caused by flood waters.

“Thought I could make it, try to push it, got stuck in the water, flooded my engine,” Battle said.

FOX31 found that heavy rainfall affected highways and side streets. Viewers provided video of flooding near U.S. 285 and Sheridan Boulevard and excessive flooding at Tufts Avenue and Utica Street.

Turn around, don’t drown!

First responders tell the Problem Solvers drivers should never enter roadways where flooding is present, even if they have driven on the road before, because the depth can be deceiving.

Flooding can cause body and engine damage.

Battle said he will heed the “turn around, don’t drown” warning from first responders in the future.

“If it looks too high, it’s probably too high. Don’t test it,” Battle said.