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DENVER — A business owner in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood is frustrated about finding human feces on his property. Jawaid Bazyar says homeless people defecate on his property on an almost daily basis, and he’s now refusing to clean it up.

Bazyar is the CEO of, an internet service provider. His business is located northeast of downtown near the intersection of Curtis and 24th streets.

“The wall is a bathroom stall. They lean up against it and let it rip,” he said to the FOX31 Problem Solvers. “In downtown Denver, that’s nonstop now, just piles of poop.”

Syringes also litter the ground. Employees have been assaulted, according to Bazyar.

“I’ve been chased with a 2-by-4, a knife, a pipe. A man bashed in my windshield with a rock,” said Tamara Chapman, a financial controller with the company.

On Friday, Bazyar recorded an alleged drug deal happening outside his office.

“Everyday, two to three times a day, we’re running people off,” he said.

Bazyar has called police to complain.

“There have been periods where we literally call 10 times a day,” he said.

However, he is now the one in trouble with the city. Bazyar is refusing to clean up the mess.

“Because it’s a bio-hazard. It could be infectious. I didn’t hire these people to clean poop off the ground. I can’t, as an employer, just say, ‘Go and clean up the feces’,” Bazyar said. “I’m not the one doing this, and they won’t do anything about the people committing the crimes, but I’m the one who’s easy to find and easy to punish.”

The Denver Public Health Department tells the Problem Solvers it empathizes with Bazyar, but says the feces removal isn’t their problem since it is happening on private property.

A spokesperson also tells FOX31 the city issued several warnings prior to handing Bazyar a citation.

Bazyar says he just wants someone from the city to care about the challenges he’s facing. He claims Denver police rarely respond to his calls in a timely manner. He worries about the safety of his employees.

“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do. The government’s primary job is public safety. I think it’s a lot of politicians don’t want to be seen as anti-homeless or heartless,” he said.