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DENVER — Throughout the day Thursday, as temperatures plummeted and the first snow of the season in Denver fell, the Denver Police Department kept drivers updated with “Hocus Pocus”-themed tweets, urging everyone to slow down and drive safely.

Although officials and meteorologists warned drivers ahead of the storm, as of 4 p.m. Thursday, Denver had 193 crash reports since 6 a.m., and Aurora reported 110.

Denver police also said 93 of the crashes were reported over three hours during the morning rush.

The most common plea from the Denver Police Department, and other officials, was to slow down.

“Slow going is better than no-going,” the department said in a tweet.

According to a news release from AAA Colorado, the following are some tips for preparing to drive in winter-like weather:

  • Slow down — Speed is the no. 1 factor in winter crashes.
  • Get snow or all-season  tires — Good tire tread can be the difference between sliding through an intersection and stopping when a driver intends to.
  • Check tire pressure — Cold weather can cause tire pressure to decrease, making even tires with good tread unsafe to drive on.
  • Don’t pump anti-lock brakes — If the brake pedal vibrates during a slick stop, it’s likely because the car has an anti-lock braking system. The car pulses the brakes itself, so it’s not necessary to manually pump the brakes.
  • Get new windshield wipers — In Colorado, windshield wipers should be replaced about every six months, and wiper fluid that’s rated for low temperatures should be refilled.