DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 got the first look at a virtual deicing control hub that you’ll only find at United’s Denver International Airport hub.

Thursday at DIA, as spring breakers met classic Colorado spring weather, conditions called for deicing.

“Somebody once asked me what the best way to describe this,” United Airlines’ Move Team and Deice Operations Manager Melissa McNamara said. “I would say it’s like a beautiful ballet.”

McNamara runs the intricate deicing dance for United at DIA. She can now pull all of the strings virtually in their new $2 million deicing control room.

“This control room allows us to cross utilize our pads a little bit better, more efficiently and in a more safe manner, ultimately getting our customers to their destinations quicker,” McNamara said.

McNamara knows the importance of customer satisfaction closely. She started her career in aviation back in 2007 in Buffalo, New York, with a customer service position.

“I was right at the ticket counter,” she said, “I’ve done customer service, I’ve done ramp in flight operations control and then most recently winter ops. I think I really found my niche here.”

McNamara also found herself making history in her company too. She became United’s first female manager of a move team.

“Which is wild, it’s very humbling and I’m very grateful,” she said. “In 2022, United had the most on-time deliverables for customers and it’s just incredible the amount of work that everybody gets to put into it, and all of a sudden you just see the finished product right here. It’s pretty great.”

Currently, United has 61 deicing trucks in its fleet. With Thursday’s weather threat, the DIA team had 48 deicing trucks manned, ready to get planes moving.