BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Neighbors are questioning the location and even the legality of a fireworks stand in Boulder County.

That stand sits at the corner of Highway 93 and Marshall Road, just feet away from where the Marshall Fire is believed to have started.

“I looked over and saw the fireworks tent, and I was just disgusted,” Rachel Kammen said. “I was like, you can still see the burned trees on the other side of the highway.”

Kammen believes the stand is insensitive to those impacted by the Marshall Fire.

“To have that tent right across from where the actual fire was? It’s like, do these people live in the area? Do they know what’s going on? Do they just not care, and want to make money? I don’t understand it,” Kammen said. 

Boulder County fire restrictions in place

Wednesday afternoon, the inside of the tent was empty. And it may stay that way. 

Boulder County enacted Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Wednesday, prohibiting Fireworks sales, use, and possession, including permissible fireworks.

“I’m guessing the owner of that tent, that business, will have to look somewhere else to sell their fireworks this season,” Superior Mayor Clint Folsom said. 

“This year of all years, we would think there would be a different approach as to whether a business like this could operate,” he said.

On Thursday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office told FOX31 that the permit for this stand was issued in 1997, and it requires the business to follow fire restrictions for the location.

The sheriff’s office said that a deputy was sent to the stand Wednesday when the Stage 1 restrictions were enacted to notify them and when the deputy returned later the business was no longer operating.

“Once our fire restrictions are rescinded, they would be allowed to re-open as long as they were following the conditions of the permit,” the sheriff’s office said.

FOX31 has reached out to the owner of the property for a comment and will update this story if and when they respond.