DENVER (KDVR) — With colder weather coming soon, concerns about fire danger in homeless encampments are on the rise.

FOX31 has reported that by the end of fall 2021, the Denver Fire Department received more than 500 emergency fire calls for encampments. Crews discovered more than 15,000 pounds of propane and 462 gallons of gasoline.

The fire department said it conducts regular sweeps to monitor the use of potentially dangerous fuel sources to keep those living in tents and adjacent neighborhoods safe.

Fire safety resources:

While conducting sweeps lowers the risk of fire, Denver Fire Capt. J.D. Chism said that informing and helping those living on the streets is also a top priority.

“We let people know what can burn, why it can burn, how it can burn and we do that with compassion because we know everybody’s hungry, they have to feed themselves, they have to figure out a way to cook. And then as we’re getting into the winter season, people are cold. They’re just trying to stay warm,” he said.

The fire department works with city agencies to help distribute information about housing and other emergency resources for those in need.

“Even at times, if it’s just going to McDonald’s and grabbing a sandwich to help someone looking for some food, we’ve had multiple instances where guys are looking opportunities just to help people,” Chism said.