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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — After a devastating apartment fire in Aurora over the weekend, fire crews are back on the ground to ensure something so tragic doesn’t happen there again.

The Aurora Fire Department told FOX31, two people were forced to jump from a third story window to avoid flames. Firefighters had to rescue a baby from inside the building.

“During the fire, many of the neighbors reported not hearing any smoke alarms at all,” said Sherri-Jo Stowell with the fire department. 

With no fire alarms, the people living in the third floor apartment likely continued to sleep as smoke filled the room, waking up after it was almost too late. One person is in critical condition after jumping from the third floor.

“It was just a really, really tragic scene,” said Stowell.

On Tuesday, fire crews returned to the Glen at the Park neighborhood, going door to door handing out flyers and checking for smoke detectors.

“It’s been very good, everyone has been super nice. They’ve been receiving the information well,” said Aurora firefighter Henry Mesker. 

Crews said Tuesday they hope their efforts will prevent another late night call and dangerous rescue.

“Having a smoke detector will save your life,” said Stowell.

The American Red Cross often assists in the efforts to install smoke detectors and inform residents on fire safety. 

Fire safety reminders include sleeping with all doors closed, even bedrooms to prevent fast spreading fire. Never leave food cooking, fireplace fires, or smoldering embers unattended.

The Aurora Fire Department is also asking residents and witnesses for any videos they may have of the fire to help them determine what may have started the blaze that morning.